Bringing next generation innovations to build a better tomorrow.

One idea, one innovation, one change at a time.


We help cities, communities and business enterprises become smarter, safer, more responsive and resilient. We bring science, breakthrough strategies and disruptive innovations to help government and business organizations solve complex problems in new ways.

Meet our team


We are innovation catalysts working with a sense of urgency. We want to save lives, improve living standards, transform societies, and make a difference. We are at the forefront of the next wave of digital innovation and transformation.
We are innovators, technologists, engineers, researchers, futurists, strategists and dreamers on a mission.
We learn by doing. We improve by doing. We lead by doing.

Renil Paramel
Co-founder | CEO

Renil has over 20 years of management consulting experience on solving complex and strategic problems. With extensive experience in the Internet of Things (IoT) and technology strategy, portfolio management and strategic planning, M&A Technology Integration, and technology and risk assessment, Renil brings a proven history of consistently "moving the needle" for clients.

Benson Chan
Co-founder | COO

Benson has over 25 years of scaling innovative businesses and bringing innovations to market for Fortune 500 and start-up companies. With deep experience in strategy, business development, marketing, product management, engineering, and operations management, Benson uses a systems approach to consistently deliver results that matter for clients.

Dr. Jonathan Reichental
Strategic Advisor

Jonathan is the founder of Human Future, a global business and technology advisory, investment, and education firm. Previous roles have included senior software engineering manager, director of technology innovation, and he has served as chief information officer at both O’Reilly Media and the City of Palo Alto, California.

Craig Stark
Managing Director - Canada

Craig has over 30 years of Business Development with new technologies and bringing complex solutions to market from large to start-up sized companies. With deep experience in strategic partnerships, channel development, solution marketing, product and industry marketing, Craig uses an agile, collaborative approach of innovation management to build sustaining value for partners and clients.

Dr. Peter Williams

Peter has over 30 years of creating new innovative businesses for established companies and startups. He is a globally recognized expert in Smart Cities and Disaster Resilience with deep experience and knowledge in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, the Internet of Things, Cloud and Mobile Computing, Peter brings a strong hands-on understanding of how these emerging and disruptive technologies can drive new business value.

Christopher Reberger

Christopher has over 30 years of financial and economic analysis experience from organizations such as Cisco and PA Consulting. He specializes in analyzing the strategic, social and economic impact of emerging and established digital technologies on cities and countries. Christopher also supports the introduction of digital technologies into markets through detailed statistical and quantitative analysis of market dynamics, technology competitive positions, and market entry strategies.

Our Guiding Principles

Be Trustworthy

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of professional and personal integrity. We are honest, open and direct in our interactions with each other, our partners and our clients. We treat people with respect and do our best to make them successful.

Embrace Diversity

We value diversity in people, thought, and execution. We use our differences to teach and learn to be better people and professionals. Our diversity is our greatest source of strength and pride, and enables us to consistently deliver the value that our clients expect.

Be Fearless

We are driven by a shared sense of purpose. We never back down from adversity and challenges. We are not afraid of failure, trying new things and thinking big. We learn and grow from mistakes and failures, and use that to become the best in everything that we do.

Think Big

Transformation start with big ideas and visions. We are not limited by what is possible, but by our limits of what we believe is possible. Innovation comes from doing what is possible, not from what we believe is possible.

Make a Difference

It starts with us. We have the power within each of us to change the world around us. We believe big changes come from doing little things well, over and over again. We come to work everyday believing and doing those things that lead us to a better tomorrow.

Question Everything

In a world where everything changes so fast, we assume nothing and never stop learning. We challenge assumptions and current thinking, ask the hard questions, verify data, and test hypotheses. We validate with experiments, data and proof of concepts.

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