Safe Space Services

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted every aspect of our lives, from what we do, where we do it, to how and when we do it.
As we journey forth towards a "new normal", safe spaces are a critical part of our recovery.


A safe space provides peace of mind to employees, visitors and employers. It is a physical space that enables people
to come together to work, collaborate, learn, and socialize in a way that minimizes their health risk.


Strategy of Things helps businesses, communities, and cities plan, create and maintain safe spaces.
We apply building science, smart city and advanced digital technologies, and data informed strategies.
We integrate people, processes and practices, policies, governance, science and technology,
space design and layouts, regulations and codes, and building infrastructure into our safe spaces.


We offer three Safe Space services - assessment, consulting, and managed services.

Assessment Services

You Need: A good understanding of

  • How "safe" (from a COVID-19) your space is for bringing people back for work, learning, shopping and leisure
  • Where are the areas of greatest need and improvement?

We Have: A comprehensive methodology that looks across six areas that make a space safe. This includes:

  • Type of space, how it is being used, and who uses it
  • Countermeasures, including physical, technical, and building infrastructure
  • Occupant and visitor readiness to put in practice safety measures and processes
  • Occupant and visitor perception and trust in the "safeness" of the space
  • Operations and governance of the safe space
  • Compliance with building and regulations, as well as government guidelines and best practices

We Offer: An objective, data informed, and science led assessment service that comes in two forms:

  • A comprehensive assessment, applicable to most spaces, that can be completed online
  • A customized assessment, with onsite support, for those organizations with complex space with unique needs

Advisory Services

You Need: To build a safe space for your employees, visitors, guests and others. You want:

  • To define the right requirements based on the gaps identified in the assessment and your unique space needs
  • An actionable plan and roadmap for building a safe space
  • Experts that can help you get the job done

We Have: 

  • Strategy of Things Safe Space expertise, framework and methodology
  • Deep interdisciplinary expertise in strategy and planning, analytics, science, technology, operations
  • Innovation ecosystem of partners and domain experts

We Offer: A blueprint for success

  • Safe Space Strategy and Planning
  • Space design and planning
  • Project management and implementation
  • Procurement planning

Safe Space Managed Services

You Need: To facilitate and maintain a space that:

  • Monitors occupant safety behaviors and actions
  • Continually promotes safe practices and behaviors
  • Verifies compliance with policies and practices
  • Simplifies and automates corrective responses and actions
  • Reports on key metrics to increase management awareness

We Have: Proven and relevant experiences and resources

  • Knowledge and past of key processes, practices and policies
  • A smart space innovation ecosystem of partners
  • Extensive knowledge of the smart city and advanced digital technologies

We Offer: Safe Space as a Service

  • Safe Space Contact Tracing for occupants and visitors
  • Safe Space AI based Video Analytics for key behaviors - social distancing, facemask detection, hygiene behavior, and so forth

Let’s Talk!

A healthy, resilient, and safe space for people to come together to work, learn, relax and enjoy is the one step in getting to a new normal. We recognize that safe space needs are unique to your organization, market and customer base.
Please contact us today for a free consultation of your needs and how we can help.