Strategy of Things Smart City Internship 2021

The Strategy of Things Smart City Internship program introduces high school students with an interest in STEM careers to urban innovation and smart cities. The six week internship is conducted in partnership with PilotCity, a San Leandro based innovation incubator that brings high school students from the community and employers together to work on real world pilot projects.

The Strategy of Things smart city internship program is designed with three main goals:

  • Introduce students to smart cities and generate interest and excitement in urban innovation
  • Develop a local pipeline of future smart city talent that Strategy of Things can access
  • Reinforce student interest in and preparation for STEM careers

Smart city interns learn about the fundamentals of smart cities, urban innovation, design thinking, and product development methodologies. This knowledge is reinforced through a hands-on team project where the interns design, build, and test a prototycpe concept solution that addresses a typical smart city problem. In addition, the interns receive mentoring and coaching to prepare them for success in their future STEM careers.

The intern project will be to develop a smart city portal prototype. The smart city interns will collect requirements from key municipal and community members, as well as review current smart city portals in use. Special emphasis will be placed on user experience, inclusion and relevance.


Want to Learn More?

Have questions or want to discuss our learnings and progress from our 2021 smart city internship? Are you interested in being part of the internship program? Please feel free to reach out to us. We're always happy to share knowledge and exchange ideas.