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Creating COVID-19 Safe Spaces for Reopening and Return to Work (Part Two)

COVID-19 Safe Spaces are key to reopening buildings and facilities for in-person activities. Technology is a critical component of the COVID-19 safe space. There is no one technology that makes a space safe. A variety of technologies, working in tandem, is used in safe spaces.

This blog, Part 2 in a series, discusses the role of technology and IoT in the operation of a safe space. Key considerations, from the use case, operations and maintenance, and technology are presented.

Creating COVID-19 Safe Spaces for Reopening and Return to Work (Part One)

The discovery and regulatory approval of two COVID-19 vaccines in late 2020 has made reopening and return to work initiatives top priority for business and community leaders in 2021. Despite the vaccine, COVID-19 isn’t going away and many people are concerned about a return to in-person activities.

This blog introduces the concept of safe spaces to support reopening and return to work. A framework describing the elements of a safe space is discussed, along with ten best practices for planning safe spaces.

A new beginning – the COVID-19 New Normal

The disruption caused by COVID-19 has halted the economy and put many industries in jeopardy. As the pandemic subsides, we will see a return to normalcy, but it will be far different from our previous interpretation of “normal”.

In this blog, we take a deep dive into several industries that will be drastically and permanently altered as a direct result of the coronavirus, including the restaurant industry, offices & workspaces, travel, education, and retail & manufacturing. This understanding is necessary in order to design our new future cities and communities.

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