Who We Are

Strategy of Things helps cities, communities and business enterprises become smarter, safer, more responsive and resilient.
We are a Silicon Valley based innovation firm that brings science, breakthrough strategies and disruptive innovations
to help government, communities and business organizations solve complex problems in new ways.

We offer an integrated portfolio of services – innovation management, consulting, research and project execution,
to deliver the outcomes that matter to you and your customers.
Consistently. Faster. Smarter. With Less Risk.

Where we help

Strategy and Planning

How can I use Smart City and digital innovations to better address the needs of my community?

What infrastructure, policies, practices and resources do I need?

How do I get started and what do I do first?

Ideation and Innovation

How can I plan and execute successful pilot projects consistently?

How can I use Smart City innovation to maintain and enhance services with the budget I have?

How can I create more equitable and inclusive services to my community?

Execution and Scaling

How can I reopen and return to in-person activities safely?

How can I execute and show results in six to nine months?

How do I optimize my resources to support operations today while building tomorrow’s resilient, responsive and smart city?

How We Help

Smart City Programs

Strategy, Planning and Roadmaps
Program Development
Project QA and Oversight

Reopening from COVID-19

Reopening Readiness Assessment
Reopening Readiness Workshops
Advisory and Consulting


Smart Cities Training
IoT Technology

Innovation Projects

Use Case Analyses
Project Planning, Design and Execution
Results Analysis and Assessment

Community Engagement

Engagement Strategy and Planning
Communications and Outreach Execution
Community Success Program Development

Solutions and Tools

COVID-19 Safe Space Assessment

Innovation Labs

Lab design
Lab Start-Up
Lab operations

Innovation Intelligence

Technology Scouting
Vendor Due Diligence
Innovation Research

Industry Advancement

Industry standards development
Smart city blueprints development
White paper development

Our Approach

We start with problems and pain points, not technology

We use Design Thinking methodologies to get to the right problems and its root causes. We use our
Innovation of Things lean approach to innovate the right solutions to solve those problems.


We create insight, but innovate with foresight

We combine extensive real world experience, industry knowledge, deep technology expertise, and data with
our strategy and future vision approach to disrupt and create new markets.


We bring science to problems

Effective solutions address the root causes. Our science informed approach is fundamental to creating sustainable outcomes.


We assume nothing, and validate everything

Not all innovations succeed. We incorporate constant experimentation, testing, user validation
and data analysis as an integral part of our approach to create successful innovations consistently.


We do it with you, not for you

We believe how you team is as important as who you team with. Throughout the innovation process, we integrate
with your teams and work side by side to drive mutual success.


Disrupt Successfully

Drive customer adoption, increase revenues and productivity, while lowering costs.

Go Faster

Innovate faster and more frequently in response to market, customer and technological shifts.

Sustain Advantage

Transform organization into disruption machine for building innovative services and solutions.

Our Areas of Focus

Smart Cities

Today’s cities are being transformed by digital technologies to deliver old and new services in new ways, while supporting ambitious new goals.

Smart Communities

Communities (residential communities, business districts, buildings, and universities) are mini-cities, but with its own set of localized needs.

Smart Industry

Manufacturing is being transformed as connectivity, data analytics, automation and systems integration drives towards autonomous factory production.

Why Us?

"Strategy of Things is a trusted partner who accelerated our smart region journey from concept to launch in eight months. They helped build our smart region strategy, developed our innovation capabilities from the ground up, recruited strategic industry partners, and launched our innovation lab. They are a critical extension of our team and a strategic capability for San Mateo County's smart region efforts."

Ulysses Vinson
Chief Smart Communities Officer
San Mateo County

Deep Innovation Experience

Our 75+ years of collective hands-on experience, from strategy, technology, to business, operations and execution, help you innovate faster, with better results, and less risk.

Relentless Execution

We combine our methodologies, resources, program management skills with agility, resourcefulness, creativity and a fearless entrepreneurial “can do” attitude to get results that matter.

Systems Thinking

We use Systems Thinking in planning, developing and implementing innovation programs to ensure maximum effectiveness, sustainable results, and adaptability to change.

Leading Edge Ideas

Our Silicon Valley presence enables us to provide you with early access to the latest thinking, ideas, best practices, emerging innovations that give you a competitive advantage.

Passion for Innovation

We are innovation enthusiasts, futurists and dreamers designing a better tomorrow. Your projects are extensions of our personal interests that drive us to do our very best.

Partners for Success

We work with you to drive mutual success, from collaboration to strategic partnering, team augmentation to integration, and flexible incentive arrangements as appropriate.

Latest Insights

Smart city internship students working together

Smart city internship program creates next generation urban innovators

Students in high school are not only residents and beneficiaries of smart cities, but may be its future architects, planners, builders, operators, and leaders.

This blog details our 2021 Smart City Internship Program that introduced seven local high school students with an interest in STEM careers to urban innovation and smart cities.

Smart Cities Digital Divide

Why does the Digital Divide exist in 2021?

We live in a connected world and talk about the possibility of smart cities and its many benefits. But yet, there is still a sizable portion of our communities that do not have broadband Internet service, nor access to devices, or the skills to use them in the year 2021. Silicon Valley in California, the world famous home of innovation and technology, has not been spared.
This blog provides a broad definition of digital divide, identifies some of its causes, and some broad strategic areas to focus on.

Managing Indoor Air Quality with IoT in a COVID-19 Safe Space

Good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is an important component of a COVID-19 safe space. As people return to in-person activities, it is critical that buildings implement HVAC strategies to improve air quality levels indoors.

This blog describes the role of smart building IoT technologies in enabling good IAQ. The information collected from the sensors provides the building operators with an understanding of where to focus and prioritize their efforts to improve IAQ.

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