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The Municipal Internet of Things Blueprint (July 2019)

This blueprint is a publication based on a joint collaboration effort between industry, government and academia as part of the NIST Global Cities Team Challenge (GCTC) Wireless Supercluster in July 2019.

This blueprint provides state and local government leaders, technology practitioners and researchers, and industry partners with a practical overview of the Internet of Things and how it will affect government agencies in the future. The following topics are covered:

  • Impacts to municipal governments of IoT networks
  • Considerations for deploying municipal IoT networks
  • The current state of municipal IoT deployments
  • Case study summary findings
  • Practical guide to deploying an IoT network
  • Practical guide to IoT cybersecurity and privacy
  • Case studies for several cities


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Smart Cities Market Scan and Best Practices Report (April 2018)

Twenty-eight cities around the world were studied. Findings were collected, analyzed and mapped into the Strategy of Things framework model. This research document provides the following:

  • Smart city global trends
  • Findings mapped to smart city framework
  • Use case landscape
  • Strategic recommendations


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