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What outcomes do you want for your community?

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Our Smart and Responsive City Services

Strategy of Things' Smart City Services helps you deliver better outcomes faster.

Our Smart City services help you go from Zero to a Smarter and Responsive City in months.

We accelerate your execution, while reducing risk and optimizing outcomes for your community.

our strategy and planning service in our smart city services offeringStrategy and Planning

We help you assess, plan and design your smart city projects and programs to increase their effectiveness and relevance, accelerate time to outcomes and de-risk execution. Some services we provide include program and projects planning, aligning programs with desired outcomes, guiding program direction and goals, identifying infrastructure, policies, practices and resources, devising funding and procurement strategies, and creating implementation roadmaps.

our innovation services in our smart city services offeringInnovation Projects

These hands-on services help you use innovation to solve problems. Our services span from designing and building innovation labs, sourcing and curating problem sets to be solved, running innovation workshops and hackathons, ideating solutions to those problems, analyzing use cases, designing pilot projects and proof of concepts, and evaluating results and solutions. We teach you to innovate, as well as co-innovate with you.

our build and deploy service in our smart city services offeringBuild and Deploy

We partner with you to implement your smart city innovation projects and increase success. We provide project management, risk management and QA oversight, to integration, test and optimization of your use cases and solutions, community engagement and communications, training and onboarding, and launch and post-launch support. We augment your existing team and resources, or be your implementation team lead depending on your needs.

our intelligence service in our smart city services offeringIntelligence

Our intelligence services keep you informed and up-to-date. We focus on providing on-the-ground actionable field information. Our services range from smart city and technology educational workshops and trainings, custom research and analyses, technology and innovation scouting, vendor and innovation due diligence, and pre-RFP information collection and requirements analyses.

Success Story: San Mateo County Smart Region

Situation:  San Mateo County is located in the San Francisco Bay Area. It occupies 455 square miles, and is home to 20 cities, 29 county agencies, and more than 764,000 people. Many of the challenges the county faces are complex and regional in scope, and is beyond the means and charter of any one city to solve. San Mateo County wishes to incorporate innovation and "intelligent" technologies into its day-to-day operations to proactively and efficiently address the needs of its residents, businesses and residents.

Approach/Solution:  The San Mateo County smart region was built on the Strategy of Things Smart City Ecosystem Framework. The county provides a collaborative approach to innovation through a Smart Center of Excellence and innovation lab. Innovations are focused on seven key areas - Quality of Life, Public Safety, Mobility, Environmental Sustainability, Health and Wellness, Government Efficiency and Economic Development.

Result/Outcome:  The first phase of Smart Region strategy was completed in nine months, with the operationalization of the SMC Labs in May 2018. The buildout of the San Mateo County smart region continues with the rollout of new innovations to address desired community outcomes. In 2021, the San Mateo County smart region continues with the planned addition of a Smart Corridor along Middlefield Road in Redwood City (completion in 2023).


"Strategy of Things is a trusted partner who accelerated our smart region journey from concept to launch in eight months. They helped build our smart region strategy, developed our innovation capabilities from the ground up, recruited strategic industry partners, and launched our innovation lab. They are a critical extension of our team and a strategic capability for San Mateo County's smart region efforts."

Ulysses Vinson
Chief Smart Communities Officer
San Mateo County


Responsive City Foundation: Our Smart City Ecosystem Model

A vibrant and sustainable city is an ecosystem of people, organizations and businesses, policies, laws and processes integrated together to create the desired outcomes. This city is adaptive, responsive and always relevant to all those who live, work in and visit the city. A smart city integrates technology to accelerate, facilitate, and transform this ecosystem.

A smart city is composed of many smaller smart communities. Buildings, downtown business and tourist districts, airports, business and university campuses, and apartment complexes are smart communities operating within the smart city. They may be interconnected, or operate in a standalone manner.

Smart city outcomes are created by municipal governments, the utility companies, businesses, and communities and residents working together or independently.

Planning to build a smart city? Let’s Talk!

Every community is different. Whether you are a municipality, a business or tourist district, a building or office campus, or an airport or university campus,  your needs are unique to your goals. Our Smart City services are designed to maximize success for your needs. Please contact us today for a free consultation of your needs and how we can help.