Smart Cities Digital Divide

Why does the Digital Divide exist in 2021?

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We live in a connected world and talk about the possibility of smart cities and its many benefits. But yet, there is still a sizable portion of our communities that do not have broadband Internet service, nor access to devices, or the skills to use them in the year 2021. Silicon Valley in California, the world famous home of innovation and technology, has not been spared.
This blog provides a broad definition of digital divide, identifies some of its causes, and some broad strategic areas to focus on.

Managing Indoor Air Quality with IoT in a COVID-19 Safe Space

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Good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is an important component of a COVID-19 safe space. As people return to in-person activities, it is critical that buildings implement HVAC strategies to improve air quality levels indoors.

This blog describes the role of smart building IoT technologies in enabling good IAQ. The information collected from the sensors provides the building operators with an understanding of where to focus and prioritize their efforts to improve IAQ.