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We help cities, communities and business enterprises become smarter, safer, more responsive and resilient. Our integrated portfolio of services – innovation lab, consulting, research and execution–deliver the outcomes that matter to you and your customers.

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Innovation Ecosystem. Proven Solutions. Trusted Services.


Strategy. Planning. Analysis. Value Realization.


“On The Ground” Insights. Best Practices. Innovation Scouting.

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Innovation Firms Get Things Done

At Strategy of Things, our responsibility is just as much as about beginning a motion as it is following it through. 

We understand that complex projects require more than advice. That's why as emerging technology innovators, we're unafraid to get our hands dirty. Our innovation firm combines the strengths of conventional consulting with boots-on-the-ground execution, experimentation, and expertise. With over 75+ years of collective partner experience and proven leadership as smart city innovators, we work passionately with your company, community, or city to realize your innovation goals from start to finish.

Strategize around problems and systems thinking, then technology
Develop leading edge insights, and innovate with foresight
Assume nothing, and validate everything
Achieve shared goals as hands-on practitioners and partners, not consultants

Disrupt Successfully

Drive customer adoption, increase revenues and productivity, while lowering costs.

Go Faster

Innovate faster and more frequently in response to market, customer and technological shifts.

Sustain Advantage

Transform organization into disruption machine for building innovative services and solutions.

Where We Can Help

Smart Cities

Today’s cities are being transformed by digital technologies to deliver old and new services in new ways, while supporting ambitious new goals.

Smart Communities

Communities (residential communities, business districts, buildings, and universities) are mini-cities, but with its own set of localized needs.

Smart Industry

Manufacturing is being transformed as connectivity, data analytics, automation and systems integration drives towards autonomous factory production.

Our Work

"Strategy of Things is a trusted partner who accelerated our smart region journey from concept to launch in eight months. They helped build our smart region strategy, developed our innovation capabilities from the ground up, recruited strategic industry partners, and launched our innovation lab. They are a critical extension of our team and a strategic capability for San Mateo County's smart region efforts."


Ulysses Vinson
Chief Smart Communities Officer
San Mateo County

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SMC Labs

Our Team

Benson Chan
Benson Chan
Senior Partner
David Duncan
David Duncan
Renil Paramel
Renil Paramel
Senior Partner

Latest Insights

Safe Space office picture

Creating COVID-19 Safe Spaces for Reopening and Return to Work (Part Two)

COVID-19 Safe Spaces are key to reopening buildings and facilities for in-person activities. Technology is a critical component of the COVID-19 safe space. There is no one technology that makes a space safe. A variety of technologies, working in tandem, is used in safe spaces.

This blog, Part 2 in a series, discusses the role of technology and IoT in the operation of a safe space. Key considerations, from the use case, operations and maintenance, and technology are presented.

Creating COVID-19 Safe Spaces for Reopening and Return to Work (Part One)

The discovery and regulatory approval of two COVID-19 vaccines in late 2020 has made reopening and return to work initiatives top priority for business and community leaders in 2021. Despite the vaccine, COVID-19 isn’t going away and many people are concerned about a return to in-person activities.

This blog introduces the concept of safe spaces to support reopening and return to work. A framework describing the elements of a safe space is discussed, along with ten best practices for planning safe spaces.

A new beginning – the COVID-19 New Normal

The disruption caused by COVID-19 has halted the economy and put many industries in jeopardy. As the pandemic subsides, we will see a return to normalcy, but it will be far different from our previous interpretation of “normal”.

In this blog, we take a deep dive into several industries that will be drastically and permanently altered as a direct result of the coronavirus, including the restaurant industry, offices & workspaces, travel, education, and retail & manufacturing. This understanding is necessary in order to design our new future cities and communities.

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