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Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic - A collaboration framework for cities and solutions providers

The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted cities and communities worldwide. Although cities have emergency and disaster response plans, the scale of the outbreak has strained their resources and capabilities. “Smart City” technologies, with their innovative digital approaches and capabilities, offer the potential to facilitate city responses to COVID-19. As a result, municipalities have turned to technology companies for help.

Many established and start-up technology companies have responded with ideas and proposals. However, the results have been mixed and uneven. Some problem areas get a lot of ideas while others get none. Still other ideas are unfeasible. Many respondents lack understanding of how cities respond to health emergencies.

This white paper describes a Smart City-Public Health Emergency Collaboration framework. It provides a structured way to identify the collaboration opportunities between cities, public health systems and the technology community. It integrates typical smart city ecosystem capabilities with the CDC Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Capabilities.


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Online Repository of Use Cases

We are in the process of making the framework real and relevant to everyone responding to COVID-19. We are creating a repository of the innovative things cities, communities, solutions providers are doing around the world. These will be mapped into the framework and shared with everyone here. We welcome your contribution of information and feedback to our online repository project.

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Strategy of Things smart cities and public health response framework


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