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Major market opportunity but
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Cities and Communities

Smart Cities are top of mind but major challenges slow adoption


Strategy of Things makes Smart Cities real.

We help cities remove barriers to go from Zero to Smarter City in months.

We accelerate solutions providers from Market Opportunity to Revenue Opportunity.

Innovation Lab

You Need: A structured and consistent way to:

  • Create and apply innovative approaches solutions to solve complex problems
  • A forum to test innovation pilots and proof-of-concepts in a live city environment

We Have: Hands-on expertise in designing, building and operating smart city innovation labs; Direct experience in working with cities and communities in creating use cases and innovation pilots; Access to our innovation ecosystem of solution vendors, domain experts, and services providers

We Offer:

  • Smart City Innovation Lab Development - from lab model and strategy, design, development, ecosystem recruitment, launch and operationalization
  • Innovation Lab as a Service in a live city environment
    • Problem set curation
    • Use Case Generation
    • Innovation pilot and PoC design and creation
    • Innovation testing, validation, and assessment
    • Innovation packaging and scaling


You Need: Current and pragmatic “on-the-ground” insights and assessments to inform and guide key decisions.

We Have: Real-time “on the ground” intelligence gleaned from our hands-on experiences with projects; weekly conversations with cities, experts, vendors and partners; and participation in conferences, industry working groups, and knowledge exchange forums.

We Offer:

  • Intelligence of Things
    • Smart City and IoT Thought Leadership White Papers
    • “On the ground” trends
  • Assessments and Due Diligence
    • Vendor Assessments
    • Innovation and Solution Assessments
    • Project and risk assessments
    • Use case analyses
  • Knowledge sharing
    • Smart City trainings and workshops
    • Speaking engagements


Our Advisory Services simplify the complexity of innovation projects. We help you strategize, plan and design, teach you to innovate using our methodologies, and supplement your knowledge with our expert resources. Depending on your specific needs, capabilities, and resources, we will tailor our services to give you the results that matter to you and your customers.


  • Lean Innovation
  • Innovation and IoT strategy
  • Opportunity monetization
  • Business Model Design
  • Solution design
  • Minimal Viable Product development
  • Use case development
  • Proof of Concept Development
  • Product-Market Fit
  • Experiment Design and Testing


Our Acceleration Services help Innovation Planners and Innovation Vendors execute and implement their projects. Depending on your specific needs, capabilities, and resources, we will tailor our services to give you the results that matter to you and your customers.


  • Go To Market
  • Solution Launch
  • Change Management
  • Implementation
  • Professional Services
  • Project Management

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